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Meet Our Spooky Kitten: Bear

First of all, I didn't grow up with any family pets. It wasn't until a litter of kittens were abandoned by their mother on my friend's farm that I became a cat mom.

My best friend adopted the two sister cats (Boo and Cindy Loo) and I adopted their two brothers. I named them Beauregard Casper and Jefferson Phantom. They're white and mistaken for female cats because of their snowy white fur and pink ears.

Who would have thought I would have two white cats? Especially with all the black clothing I wear. Their white cat hair gets all over my dark clothing... and I used to shudder at the thought of pet hair on my things before I had cats... but now I don't care at all! I love them so much.

Enter: Bear.

Bear was dropped off at the farm by his cat mother who clearly didn't want to care for him. Once again, and we swear this is the last time, we were persuaded (mostly by me) to adopt another cat.

And this time, I got the Binx cat I've always wanted! Bear is a tiny black kitten with little tiny white claws. He looks like a miniature black bear, hence the name Bear.

How is he getting along with his great uncles, you ask? And yes, they're from the same family!

They're getting closer every day to being fast friends. They chase him, he chases them. They're mostly afraid of him. Beau or Jeffie will get close to sniff Bear and then quickly scamper away.

Bear is the coolest cat. He is fearless. He is so tiny yet already has free range of the house (except the basement -- no cats allowed in the basement for fear we'd never find them again! Hah! Mostly kidding!).

Bear can climb up and down the stairs, loves to leap, plays with all the big cat toys, gets major zoomies, yells for his food and water, follows us everywhere, lives to play, and loves to snuggle us. He bites but he also gives kisses.

As I type, he's resting against my leg -- fast asleep. I wonder what he dreams about.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos of Bear. If you have any questions about him, leave me a comment!

XO! Jo

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