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9 True Crime Wine Glasses You Need for Binge-watching Murder Shows

If you like to snuggle up with a glass of wine and the Investigation Discovery channel, these are your color customizable options at The Burlap Wine Sack. Gift a wine glass to your murder show lovin' friend or grab one for yourself because #selfcare and #serialkillers.

1. Crime, Wine & Cats Wine Glass

2. True Crime & Wine Glass

3. Joe Kenda and Wine Glass

4. Shhh! My Murder Shows are on Wine Glass

5. If I Go Missing Wine Glass

6. All I Need is This Wine and True Crime

7. Do Not F*ck With Me I Watch a Lot of ID Channel Wine Glass

8. True Crime and Chill Wine Glass

9. Shhh! Mommy Needs to Watch Her Murder Shows Wine Glass

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