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9 Halloween Products You Need to Buy on Etsy

As a Halloween lover, I am always looking for a cute and spooky find! Etsy is the perfect place for unique products, and it feels good supporting small business owners like myself. Here's a roundup of my favorite Halloween products on Etsy for May 2020.

Sanderson Sister Shirt: I love this one! I own it in the gold color it comes in and it is a very well-made tee. It's not made from a cheapy material that is see-through or too tight. It's just right! I trust this seller a lot.

GLOWING Halloween Pumpkin Vegan Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner: This vegan makeup brush cleaner is too much fun! It keeps your makeup brushes clean (and therefore your face clean) and it glows in the dark. Spooky and cute. What a deal!

Stained Glass Halloween Pumpkin: Stained glass is so trendy. If you've got a big window, this is the perfect decoration! I love the colors of this pumpkin because they aren't typical pumpkin hues.

Ghost Halloween Wrapping Paper: Who doesn't want a gift wrapped in cute ghosts?

Votive Ghost Candles: Super cute! I can't resist tiny, cute things.

Frankenstein Halloween Beanie: I love the theme of this beanie.

Skull Soap: I've been eyeing these candles for years now. I love the pastel colors.

Ghost Stud Earrings: Talk about cute ghosties! These studs are spooktacular.

Skull Vanity Light: Can you believe how cool this is? I would hang this above my bed!

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