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8 Wine Glasses You Need to Survive the 2020 Presidential Election

Whether you're on the right or left side, wine will be crucial to surviving the 2020 election. Am I right?! Gear up with these glasses from The Burlap Wine Sack on Etsy. If you don't see something funny enough, send a message to the shop and request a custom glass.

1. God Bless America -- We can all agree on this.

2. America First, Wine Second -- priorities, people!

3. I Miss Obama - relatable, right?

4. Wine & President Donald Trump -- this is YUGE-ly popular.

5. Maddow & Chill -- might be something you'll need to do to relax.

6. Trump 2020 -- go big or go home, right? Blunt.

7. Resist & Persist

8. Grand Old Party Elephants


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